Our Agrement

As much as we would like to do business with a good old fashion simple handshake, our attorneys and the litigious society we find ourselves in today require we have a formal agreement between our customers and ourselves.

We require no long-term contracts, but we do ask that you sign a simple agreement. This agreement is not much more than what we all should have learned as a child. The agreement reminds us that nothing is perfect. It explains that we have our faults, and you can't hold our feet to the fire if we stumble. The agreement is basically just common sense. We ask that you behave yourself on the Internet, pay your bill, and don't mistreat our equipment, or other online netizens.     You can review our simple agreement here.

30-Day Money Back Guaranty

We strive to provide the best wireless Internet service available, but once in a while things out of our control can conspire to negatively impact a new customer's service. Trees and other obstructions, or interference from nearby equipment, that was not seen during our signal survey or installation, can impact our service. We will do everything in our power to correct the situation, but sometimes obstructions or interference simply cannot be overcome.

Often times Internet performance problems can be attributed to a poorly operating computer, viruses, spy-ware, and other customer problems not related to our equipment or signal. We encourage our customers to visit our Members Only Page for utilities and help in keeping your computer in proper operating condition.
For the first thirty days from the time of your installation, if you are not satisfied with our service, and we can't remedy the situation, we will remove all of our equipment and refund your entire installation costs!

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