The WebMail page will offer three programs in which to read and manage your mail. Click either 'Horde', 'RoundCube', or SquirrelMail' to try these different mail presentations. Once you've decided one that best matches your needs you can click the 'AutoLoad' link under that program to make that particular one your default WebMail interface.

Other options are also available on the WebMail page; such as the ability to change your password. If you do change your email password please write it down and keep it in a secure place. Passwords are encrypted and we at The SkyBeam can not read your password.

If you are using a public computer, (somewhere other than your home or office), be sure and logout, (lower right), before you leave that computer so others can't see your email.

Click the following link for The SkyBeam's new WebMail system.


Ignore the advertisement to the right of the WebMail login panel in the next page.

Call 384-0269 for any trouble you may have with this new WebMail system.