Email Setup

Ver: 1.03


Step A:  Start Your Email Program.  (Outlook or Outlook Express)

Some versions of Outlook, or Outlook Express, may have slightly different menus and drop-down choices. 

If your version of the email program does not offer exactly the same screens as in these instructions,

you may need to do a little creative clicking and reading to accomplish these tasks.



1.  Click the word “Tools” at the top of the window.

2.  Click on “Accounts”.


If you are adding a new account go on to Step B    and skip Step B-2

If you are changing an existing account, skip Step B and go on to Step B-2





Step B: (Add a new account)


1.  Click the “Mail” tab.

2.  Click “Add”.

3.  Click “Mail…”  (Now skip Step B-2 and continue from Step C)



Step B-2: (Change an Existing Account)


            1.  Click once on the account of interest to highlight it  

            2.  Click the Properties button.


                              1.  Insure that the General tab is selected.

                              2.  If you wish, you may change this to something more descriptive.

                              3.  Your name or nickname.  ( The name on your outgoing mail )

                              4.  Your ENTIRE email address.  ( )

                              5.  Optional, but if used it MUST be exactly the same as #4

                              6.  To save any changes you have made, click the Apply button.

                                                                If you now need to change any other settings,

                                                                click the Servers tab at the top, and skip to Step E

                              7.  When done click OK.







Step C:


1.  Type the name you want on your outgoing emails. (Mixed case and/or spaces OK)

2.  Click “Next”




Step D:


1.  Enter your email address.  (all lowercase – No Spaces)

Be sure and enter the “AT” sign “@” and  (all lowercase – No Spaces)

2.  Click “Next”




Step E:


1.  Enter

2.  Enter

(Double-Check both fields. A typo in either field will cause a connection error each time Send/Receive is clicked. (Step I:)

3.  Click “Next”




Step F:  (This step will cause problems, if not done exactly as indicated)


 Move your mouse and click ONCE just to the RIGHT of your address name.





1.  Enter the rest of your email address:

CAUTION: This is the most common error.  The Connection Wizard will automatically enter “YourEmailAddr” in this field. 

Many people fail to add “” to the right of their email address. An incomplete Account name will cause

your email program to continuously ask for your login name & password, each time you click Send/Receive. (Step I:)

2.  Enter your password.  (all lowercase  -  No spaces  -  No hyphens)

        (Your password is located on the back of your new user brochure.)

CAUTION: This is the second most common error.  The password is all lowercase.  No Spaces – No Hyphens

An inaccurate Password will cause your email program to continuously ask for your login name & password,

each time you click Send/Receive. (Step I:)

The password field will not echo your typing, (Only dots). Be very careful entering your password. 

If any doubt, clear the entire field and re-enter your password.


Please re-read numbers 1 & 2,  (Three Times!)

            (Even with the two above cautions, almost all email setup problems turn out to be one or the other.)

3.  Click “Next” After you have read 1 & 2 three timesJ



Step G:


1.  Select the LAN connection.

2.  Click “Next”




Step H:


Click “Finish”




Step I:


Click your Send/Receive button to check for new email.


To test both sending and receiving, create and send an email to your own email address.

If you get a send mail error, you may have an error in the STMP field, (Step E: number 2 above)


After sending, wait 10 seconds, then click Send/Receive again to receive the mail.

If you receive a “Bounce” message, you may have made an error in the email address. 

Create a new email to yourself and send again. Double check what you type into the To: field. (




Step J: (Do this step if you still have email problems)



After you have read the following, Click this Link:

Click WebMail



Enter your email address and password, then click the Login button.

            (Be sure and double-check ALL typing)


If you see the above, this indicates that your email account is working, and that you have entered the correct address & password.

            (The above screen simply indicates that you have no new mail at this time)


If you see something like the above, this indicates you have correctly entered your address and password,

and have some new email in your in-box.


If either of the above two screens appear, this indicates that your email account is active, and that you have entered the

correct address and password.  If your email program still won’t work, the problem is with your email setups! 

Go back up to Step A and try again.



If you see the following screen, this may indicate one of several problems:



Double-Check your email address & password, and re-enter them, then click the Submit Query button.


If the above screen reappears a second time, and you are absolutely sure about your email address & password,

we may have made a slip-of-the-fingers when setting up your new email account.  If this is the case we profusely

apologize for all your trouble and frustration.

(We try very hard to be accurate in everything we do, but we are not perfect and once in a while we goof.)


Please contact The SkyBeam technical support at: (530) 528-1039 and chew us outJ






If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact

The SkyBeam technical support at: (530) 528-1039


We have made every effort to make these instructions easy to follow, and minimize errors.

If you notice any errors, or have any suggestions to help improve these instructions,

please email