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A localy owned and operated company. The SkyBeam offers high-speed wireless Internet service to select areas of Northern California.

No Phone Lines
No Busy Signals

The SkyBeam requires no phone connection. Free up that second phone line. Your SkyBeam connection is always on and ready for you.

Fast - Faster - Fastest

The SkyBeam's microwave signal allows us to offer you an Internet connection from two and a half to over 40-times faster than dial-up.

Click Here to see our speed chart.

- Secure -
Our industrial strength firewall protects all of our users from hackers.

No one outside our system can hack into our system, or our customer's computers.

- No Spam -
Our Spam filter removes nearly all unwanted email.

Our customers receive much less Spam than others.

- Virus Free -
Our virus filter removes nearly all email viruses.

Our customers receive much less Spam than others.

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